Lending a hand to children in need in the markets where drag racing has become a part of the community.



Shirley's Kids is funded by donations from numerous corporations, racers and fans. Together, we do make a difference!

03.20.16 - Samantha Ziller
"How sweet, this is a great organization 'Shirley's kids'.

03.20.16 - Stephanie Weeks
"Thank you Shirley and thank you to your whole crew. Special thanks to Rob for the hospitality you have shown to the DRC staff and helping to make a dream come true. What a super nice guy! Shirley, I can't thank you enough. The Rossman family you helped today mean the world to me and Jaeden is such a great kid with allot of heart. You could not have helped a more deserving family. It was an incredible experience and I was a bit star struck myself today. You were such a gracious host. Thank you again so much from the bottom of my heart. We all will never forget this day.'

03.20.16 - Andie Gaskins
"It was an incredible experience to meet you today Shirley!! To see the emotion the Family that we are honoring for our Drag Race for a Cure next weekend was unforgettable! Thank you for being a big part of our event! We appreciate you!"

03.18.16 - Amy Breitkreitz
"I can't wait to see you at the WCF in Tulsa in June!!! You have been my idol since meeting you in 1985 at the first national event held at then Firebird International Raceway, the NHRA Fall Nationals...I remember being mesmerized by your pink dragster, how glamorous you looked even when you were all dirty in your racesuit, and your BIG sunglasses. You literally fueled my love for the sport (and big sunglasses 😎). That love was passed down to my son, who is now in his 4th season in a Jr. Thank you for what you are doing with Shirley's Kids, and all that you have done for the sport!!!"

03.11.16 - Jim McLaughlin
'Thank you Shirley for using you stardom to help children great way to spend your time and the reward will be greater than you can ever expect !!!"

All proceeds from the donations will go to the recipients. Shirley's Kids is a 501(c)(3) open-book charity. 

Lending a hand to children in need in the markets where drag racing has become a part of the community. 

05.01.16 - Khris Rossman

"Shirley Muldowney Shirley's Kids. You and your foundation are a gift from God. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Simply an AMAZING EXPERIENCE! My family and I are forever grateful! THANK YOU FOR CHANGING LIVES!"

04.26.15 - Dean Gunter
"Your doing a great thing Shirley . Adding to your all ready great legacy"

04.25.16 - Mike Foushee

"One of the most moving things I had ever seen at a drag race. What a touching moment for that young boy and Shirley. Will put this on my list to help and tell my wife about this too. A great way for her to continue in the sport and help children at the same time."

04.26.16 - Doyle Price
"Proud of ALL of you"

04.24.16 - Gail Respess New
"What an awesome post!!! Now it's time to "fill the machine with donations!!" I am so proud of everyone & the work of Shirley's Kids !!!!"

04.12.16 - Ed Knight

"I was very happy to be there and witness the great event in person. That was a beautiful start to what Shirley's Kids is all about."

03.31.16 - James N Amanda
"Thank you so much for what you do."

03.31.16 - Cheryl Septer
"That is such an amazing thing you are doing for these kids!"

03.20.16 - Cheryl Septer
"That is such an awesome thing you guys are doing for these kids!"

Mission + Vision

We all have a special place in our hearts for children so we thought it would be great if we could help out some of the little ones through Shirley's Kids.


Thanks for the support that makes this possible!