2016 Indianapolis Recipient: Dakota Bierman-Ulm (click to enter gallery)

2016 Dallas Recipient: Trenton Tyer (click to enter gallery)

2016 Denver Recipient: Silas Kline  (click to enter gallery)

2016 Houston Recipient: Tacey Raulerson  (click to enter gallery)


2016 Gainesville Recipient: The Rossman Family (click to enter gallery)

2016 Atlanta Recipient: Robert Tocher (click to enter gallery)

Shirley's Kids is funded by donations from numerous corporations, racers and fans. Together, we do make a difference!

2016 Charlotte Recipient: Kevin Bean (click to enter gallery)

Mission + Vision


All proceeds from the donations will go to the recipients. Shirley's Kids is a 501(c)(3) open-book charity. 

Lending a hand to children in need in the markets where drag racing has become a part of the community.